6 Lesson Foundation Course

A new fun way to train your dog or puppy with science based techniques using rewards and positive reinforcement.

St. Anne's Church Hall
St.Leonards Road

Price Lessons Start Date End Date Time Places Avaliable
£90 6 Saturday 26th March Saturday 30th April 10:30 - 11:30 Full
£90 6 Saturday 14th May Saturday 18th June 10:30 - 11:30 Full

I will teach a variety of games to inspire concepts such as calmness, impulse control, confidence, focus & proximity.

Working on these concepts will develop your dogs skills for great loose lead walking, reliable recall, confidence in new situations, appropriate play and disengagement from distractions.

Playing games in short fun sessions builds relationship and is enjoyable and fun!
Dogs learn quickly and can soon progress through the various stages of the games.
You will get some games cards with a step-by-step guide of how and where to play the games and a sheet to keep track of your progress.

All games devised and inspired by ABSOLUTE DOGS, Susan Garret and Ian Dunbar.

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Private one on one training
Price Sessions
Contact for details 3 session blocks. First session 1 hour including 20 minute telephone consultation followed by two 1 hour sessions.

Training your dog with games shapes the dog’s brain to allow them to make new choices. I will teach a selection of games from some of the concepts to target your particular struggle. The other unique technique of concept training is we develop the rehearsal of the new choice of behaviour at the home and safe areas away from distractions. These skills can then be taken to areas with low distractions to rehearse. You will find that putting in the foundation work will create a solid new choice or behaviour that then becomes the dog’s default in those situations.

By focusing on the behaviour we want rather than a list of all the DONT’s, we have great positive start base to grow, reward and reinforce the good choices our dogs make everyday. Susan Garret explains creating a Do approach in her blog.

Training will help with issues such as barking, separation related behaviours, recall & pulling on lead, reactivity. A program of calmness and boundary training will also be given alongside enrichment knowledge. You may just want to provide some mental stimulation by learning some cool tricks or build on your existing training.

Senior dogs also benefit from learning new things or retraining some basics elements that your older dog may be struggling with. Training is not a quick fix for any struggle and regular sessions are required. With games you can do short sessions a few times a day to see results. That’s why we say fun time not a long time.

I teach, you play!



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