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My inspiration for my continued learning of dog training is my ex-street dog from Romania. I adopted Tommy 6 year’s ago when he was a very anxious and fearful puppy. Like many owners I tried lots of different training styles, obedience classes, being the leader, a behaviourist, medication and lots of calming and desensitising strategies as well and herbal remedies to help deal with his fears and improve our life together.

I eventually found Absolute dogs and downloaded their free ebooks and joined the Absolute Dogs Training Academy. It was not long before I enrolled on the PRO DOG TRAINER program and the further science-based element GEEK with Absolute Dogs to learn more. I am now committed to spreading the benefits of training with games, promoting concept dog training and helping others with foreign rescue dogs s well as all dog owners.

Games Based Training has been a GAMECHANGER for me; I now have a better understanding of my dog’s body language, how dogs learn and how to train with games.

As an owner of a rescue dog I understand how complex their behaviour can be and the frustrations this can cause. I now want to help transform all dog owners life’s with the power of games, enrichment and knowledge.

Tommy! Liz's dog

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