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Games provide enrichment, build relationships and enable good behaviour! Playing games with your dog is not only fun, it builds relationships and boosts focus and learning.

We all want a reliable dog, the one that can happily greet other dogs and people, is not fazed by visitors to the home, noises, new situations and will happily sit on their bed or mat in café or pub. Living with dog behaviour issues like reactivity, inconsistent recall, pulling on lead, noise reactivity to sounds like doorbells & fireworks, engaging in the environment and running off to the furthest corner of the park and refusing to come at the end of a lovely walk, barking, pulling on lead can become all- consuming. Dog owner’s just don’t know where to start with solving these issues and it can often lead to emotional stress with owner’s just accepting the limits of their dog.

Training can be done at any stage of your dog’s life and through short fun sessions implemented regularly, you can notice your dog start to make better choices after a few weeks. Liz Clough is a fully trained Gamechanger Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs!
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All the games can be learnt and played in the home and garden before an area with big distractions. This is the ideal place to build up rehearsal to develop the behaviour you want in real life situations. Playing games for 15 minutes a day is equal to a 1-hour walk. It provides mental stimulation; challenges and physical fitness as well as some super cool moves to show to friends and family.

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CONCEPT training, shaping, games based training, creating a Doer, shape the dog you want...
What does all this mean!

Check out Susan Garrets blog about reshaping your dogs brain.

Owning a dog is a big investment with vet bills, equipment, food, treats and toys and training is often not given the same impetus. Training should be fun for all and with a few games more likely to be continued throughout the dog’s life.

As GAME CHANGERS we focus of the behaviour you do want not the list of things we don’t want.

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